Reshape the future

We believe that simplicity is the ultimate benchmark for product maturity and greatness. That's what we strive for in our further development of Cloud Device. A simple and automated solution that delivers on what you really need. Less complexity and less worry.

Who we are A/S was founded in 2007 by the people behind consultancy firm anyMAC A/S, and acquired Cloud Device in 2016. We serve a broad range of companies with all the IT solutions you would currently find in an office. Our headquarters are located in Copenhagen, Denmark, and we have branch offices in Poland and the Czech Republic as well as customers and resellers all over the world.

What we do

We make hosting and managing computers and mobile devices easy by removing complexity and automating repetitive tasks. We do this by combining a mature and enterprise proven platform with expert knowledge and great web design.

How we do it

Competent and engaged partners are crucial to our success. We rely exclusively on partners for sales, support and customer enablement. Why? Because they are the ones who know the customers and their needs. Dedicated and highly experienced professionals make up the core of our business and our focus is on the needs of our customers.