Release history

+ Added feature
* Improved/changed feature
- Bug fixed
! Known issue / missing feature

December, 2017

+ Added Easy Signup form feature for resellers

November, 2017

* Improved security requirements for password creation

June, 2017

- Fixed encoding in invoices by adding a byte order marker so Excel now recognizes the CSV file as UTF8 and renders it accordingly.

May, 2017

+ Made the device list sortable by 'Name' or 'Last Seen'
* A lot of structural optimizations have been implemented in the BigFix backend to improve responsiveness of actions taken via the Cloud Device interface.
* Added a redirect from HTTP to HTTPS on so users sessions are always protected
* Devices that have not been active for more than two months are no longer forcefully deleted, but are instead filtered out of every interface. This means that should the device become active again after a 2 month period, it will reappear in the interface as intended, instead of staying hidden and being excluded from updates.
- Disabled Cloud Device UI for Server endpoints to solve issue where BigFix would launch several instances of BESClientUI.exe, one for every user.
- Fixed a bug where assigning a user to multiple organizations would invalidate their user authentication which would render them unable to login without a password reset.

April, 2017

+ Launched new and improved version of Trend Micro Security for Mac currently deployed on all macOS Sierra (10.12+) computers covered by Antivirus. Full roll-out of the new version is planned for all macOS devices and then Windows devices further down the road. It should be noted that all devices will be protected even with the current Trend Micro package.
* Slightly improved synchronization time between CloudDevice and BigFix meaning shorter latency before feedback on actions taken are delivered to the interface
* Implemented much more secure unique-salted SHA256 hashing for user authentication
- Fixed customer tag on organisation view sometimes showing the tag of the wrong organisation
- Fixed handling of ill-formed actions taken via the interface, so they no longer cause actions to back up in the queue
* Delay between reapplications of actions such as Antivirus updates has been lowered from 4 hours down to 15 minutes to shrink the window in which devices can be potentially unprotected from new threats
* Minor updates to the dashboard/tray icon UI shown on the endpoint.
! Some of the values on the endpoint dashboard will still show as errors, but this is for the most part due to complications with the gradual migration to the new Trend Micro Security, and are entirely aesthetic and inconsequential
+ Added Release History link to login screen

January, 2017

- Send Message functionality has been restored for macOS and is now working as intended.
- A previously unknown limitation of the IBM BigFix back-end prevented the sending of messages not encoded using the Windows-1252 code page ( CloudDevice now forcefully transcodes messages into the accepted code page, and will work for most latin-alphabet languages. Extended unicode characters not found in this code page like cyrilic, chinese characters or emojis will appear as question marks on the recieving end, but they will arrive.
* Arrows in collapsible menus like "General information" on the device page now face the right way when toggled (open = arrow down, closed = arrow right). You might have to clear your browser cache for this change to take effect.

December, 2016

+ Updated versions will automatically be installed on client base. Users only need to get the installers for new devices
* New Win Client available on Version 9.5.3
* Improvement of time to synk with devices, so actions are implemented even faster
* New Mac Client available on Version 9.5.3
* Inactive devices are automatically removed from device groups
* Mac downloads are zipped to one file and can be downloaded as a package instead of 3 separate files
* Updated backbone from 9.2.8 to 9.5.3 for added support on newer platforms
* Added 2 more relays for faster propagating of patterns
- Definitions for Mac specific antivirus cleaning strategies has been added
- Corrections made so AV correctly installs on macOS 10.12 Sierra and Win10
- Corrected a link error in password reset emails
- Antivirus, Software Updates and Patch Management installed on inactive devices not reported back within 2 months is no longer displayed in dashboard
- Download packages now support Safari for Mac
! "Non-Windows Binaries" has been removed from download page
! Support for macOS Sierra is under developement

October, 2016

* New Win Client available on Version

June, 2016

* Improved device-refresh rate
* Updated Mac OS X Client - IBM BigFix version 9.2.8
* Updated Windows Client - IBM BigFix version 9.2.8
* Updated CentOS Linux Client - IBM BigFix version 9.2.8
+ Updated backbone from 9.2.2 to 9.2.8 for added support on newer platforms. For full official release see bigfix changelog
* New Mac OS X Client available on Version

! Possible difference in number of clients between whats shown in dashboard and Devicelist